My NaPoWriMo: Day 1

There is so much art devoted to mothers. They attain the status of quasi-deities in the human imagination, and much of this is due to the way they are painted, sculpted, sung of, and written of throughout human history.

But what about aunties? What about those other women that are often just as important and influential to our lives?

For Day 1 of this NaPoWriMo celebration/challenge, write a piece about aunties.

This can be your auntie. The auntie you lost. The auntie you never had.

A Biblical auntie. A historic auntie. A fictional auntie from a favorite piece of art.

The auntie you are. The auntie you wish to be.

Anything about aunties. In any form. Telling any story. Exploring any element of the role or relationship. Expressing any emotion.

I dedicate this prompt, of course, to my Auntie Cheryl, who would’ve celebrated her 61st birthday today, April 1.

She was like my big sister, my second mother. She never married or had children of her own, but loved my sister, my daughter, and me like we were hers.

She passed away in 2013 of a fatal heart attack.

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